Our Traditional Bar

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We opened, O'Donnobhains bar originally in 1994, previous to this the property was owned by two O Donovan sisters, this is where the name came from. The Property had been closed for about 25 years previous. It became an instant favourite with both locals and visitors alike. 


The original building that remains as O’Donnabhains Pub is one of the founding buildings in the town created in 1775. Careful refurbishment of the building leading up to 1995 included stripping back the plaster work to revel the native stone used by the 18th century stonemasons during construction. We undertook a major expansion project in 2001, making the Bar are bigger, so as to provide our food area, and the guest rooms upstairs.


The distinctive front with stone and colour has featured on postcards and calendars all over the world, even showing up on US Visa cards. The bar itself has been used for a recent television commercial wanting to have authentic ‘Irish Bar’ scene. 

Even with the major Expansion in 2000 we worked meticulously to work with the character we created in 94, to continue this feel throughout the ground floor, we have created a modern functioning building, that most people think has been there for decades. We continually add and improve, in 2008 our popular Beer garden was given an all weather, as we put in a retractable roof, so that when the sun is out the roof is in, and when the rain is upon us, the roof is out, providing an excellent space for smokers, and alfresco loving customers.

O’Donnabhain’s is at its best when the music is in full swing. What better than listening to a traditional Music session, in a pub that you could say represents what everyone conception of an Irish Pub. Our music is mostly during the season, but when we have large groups dining, such as a pre or post wedding party, corporate events. It can be a great night to remember in years to come.



While we have organised music, some of the best nights are when some drops in and ask us do you mind if we play a few tunes, sometimes the best things in life come when you are least expecting them. Nothing can beat the feeling like having a cool pint of Guinness, and you can hardly sit down you because your feet are dancing to the music, you will experience that feeling here.

O’Donnabhain’s has also a very popular media history, with it shop front being one of the most photographed fronts in Kenmare, it has also lead to the use of O’Donnabhain’s front in many Magazine publications, all over the world, some of them are below. Our first debut was in a Rover TV Car Advert in 98, in 2001, it was on Visa Card in America, and in 2008 a Tullamore Dew TV advert was shot in O’Donnabhains. We are happy that O’Donnabhain’s has been used so many times for different Advertising channels, it strengthens our commitment for the preservation and the continued strive to make O’Donnabhain’s better and better.



To see the Tullamore Dew TV Advert Click here. Tullamore Dew Advert







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