Spend More and Save More on Your Stay ..


Spend More & Save More

As O'Donnabhain's Gastro Bar & Guesthouse is part of the same group, as Kenmarerentals.com. We hope to be able to offer you incentives to ' SPEND MORE'  with us, so that you can 'SAVE MORE'. We offer you a credit of 10% of your Total food spend towards a Future Stay in either O Donnabhain's Town House Bed & Breakfast or in one of our Holiday Homes in Kenmarerentals.com

All you have to do to 'Save More' is to keep your receipts from O Donnabhain's

Above you can see how easy it is to Calculate how much you are due to save, the amount you SAVE is on based on the FOOD TOTAL, not the overall total.

The Terms for this Food are as follows,

  • You have to get your receipts Verified and Stamped by a member of Staff Behind the counter
  • You can use up to 9 Receipts for a stay in one of our Holiday Homes, the length of stay must be at least 7 days, and it must be booked directly through Kenmarerentals.com, not any other outside reseller / web site
  • You can use up to 3 Receipts for a Stay in O Donnabhain's Accommodation, this has to be booked online on our own web site ( www.odonnabhain-kenmare.com) and be for a minimum of a 2 night stay, booking made on other online systems do not qualify, as they are reseller, which we have to pay commission on the bookings
  • You cannot use these Receipts in either O Donnabhain's or Kenmarerentals.com if you have already reserved your stay, these are to be used for a future stay
  • You cannot redeem the amounts, if you are using another special offer, or any other deal being offered by Kenmarerentals.com or O Donnabhain's bar.Pick the offer that suits you best and saves you more, and use that way to save on your stay.
  • You must agree to the Reservation Terms and Conditions of either Kenmarerentals.com or O Donnabhain's Gastro Bar & Guest house
  • To redeem your amount all you have to do is, collect all your receipts , and send the 3/9 receipts to us just after you have made your reservation, if possible when you make the reservation, send us an e mail to inform us that you have ' Receipts / Vouchers' to redeem

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