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We originally open for food in 01, and since then it has gone from strength to strength. I remember one day an old man well in his eighties came in and asked for a Beef sandwich, and he was so happy, as he tried several places, and could not get one. I willingly ordered his Beef sandwich, and he was so happy, when he was leaving he said something to me in Irish, which was Nior ordaig dia beal gan bhia , which translated means God made for everyone. ( incidentally we never had a Beef Sandwich on the Menu, but I did not have the heart to tell him we did not do Beef Sandwiches, it was just lucky that Roast Beef was one of our specials that Lunch time) This changed out ethos in our food offerings, as traditionally Bars / Pubs only offered a bare Sandwich. Now Bar such as our have turned into GASTRO BARS, we offer very good food at reasonable prices, making it something that does not break the Bank to go for a bite to eat at O’ Donnabhain’s, compared with dining in a Fine Dining establishment, also it is very casual, which people like in their busy schedules today.


I am fortunate, as my wife Vanessa heads up the Kitchen, who has previously worked in the K club and the south of France, before returning home to Kenmare in '96, where she worked locally, receiving high acclaim for her innovative food. She works very hard in sourcing quality local produce, and continually changing menus to offer a better choice, although it is becoming harder and harder to change the menu, as everything we have on the menu is popular, and hard to change. Vanessa feels it great to have a change, and make a tweak of a recipe here and there, but consistency in the quality of food in most important, which she strive to achieve.

Our Food has mentions in La Routard which says Very charming pub-restaurant, cosy and with distinctive wooden flooring. Generous servings with friendly and fast service and great Value for money. it has been mentioned in the Bridgestone Guide, and Tom Doorley the famous Irish food critic, says What impresses me most of Vanessa’s Food is that her food has a willingness to revel in simplicity. Our food is simple, the best way to describe what we do is it probably like the food your mother cooked for you when you were small, simple, not too many flavours vying for you attention, let the product give you the flavour.


From our Mussels which are landed at Kilmackilogue Pier. Cooked fresh in a cast Iron Pot with White Wine, Garlic and Herbs.  When cooked they release a unique flavour, due to the unspoilt and clean warm water of the South of Ireland. Add a generous amount of cream, chopped Parsley, and Roux to thicken the sauce. Simple but a unique flavour.


Our Beef for our famous Beef & Guinness Stew, and our Lamb, & Lamb Shanks comes from Rogie O’Sullivan a local butcher, or other Local Butchers. We always seek the best from our suppliers, and we have built a great relationship with them in ensuring delivery of Quality Beef & Lamb.



All our Fish comes from a Local supplier, Star Seafood sources fresh fish landed in Castletownbere the night before, and delivered to us the following morning, from our ever popular Fish & Chips, to Sea Bass, Crab Claws, Turbot, you can be assured that it as fresh as possible, unless you catch it yourself.

In 2008, through the great experience of one of our Chefs with Pizzas, we started offering Pizza, as a special. From our brick oven the quickly became an instant hit, so much that we now have a Pizza menu at evening Times. Everything from the dough made that morning, to the ingredients, you can be assured it fresh. 


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